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” Jacoby’s the man ” I think that’s what the video should be called. Oh and yes this video is older but still when I see this video I’m left to think how long before he’s pulled out of his world into that of the skate industry and Then on his way to being a name of interest and brought in the direction of the new highlighted breed of skateboarding amongst Oregon. All I can say is watch the video and tell me what you think.


One response to “Jacoby Zapata’s the man

  1. KILLER STYLE!! Homeboy knows how to skate tranny/vert on a whole new level for sure! I will most definitely have to investigate more on “Jacoby” ASAP!!! Where is he from man? Oregon definitely has a breed these past ten years NO DOUBT and he is just as good as the rest, can’t say he’s a Baxter-Neil, but damn he can skate. THANKS!

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