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First of all, this is an example of how I’ve spent most of my free-time for the last seventeen years or 6,205 days whatever sounds better. What I’m getting at is that this is my passion, lifestyle and future I’m pursuing and now want to incorporate these things to start my own clothing company in the near future.

I thought this exercise was really good practice, and my goal for the image was to almost create a picture within a picture. What I mean by this is by lightening the whole bottom part of the transition in a way that it becomes almost like I printed it out on on a full piece of paper but only used half. Pretty much like cropping it with light. Next I wanted to blend the dakness within the clouds into my white shirt so I put a gritty overlay on top that matched up alright, added a border and submitted my entry.


4 responses to “” loving what I do “

  1. Hey man, I really like your vision of taking skateboarding and art to the next level. I believe you truly have what it takes to create some awesome skate clothing! I’ve always wanted to start a few clothing lines of my own also and I definitely like your way of introducing reality with trippy twisted art and combining them together!!

  2. ndeetz

    Great pic! That scratched look on the sky is a really cool effect. The layout, with the skater’s head chopped out and all that white space on the bottom, makes for a great composition. I like.

  3. There is a saying, do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. You obviously do love what you’re doing by the degree of work you put into getting first the shot and then in transforming it the way you did. The bottom of the ramp was barely visible but the blending of your shirt and the sky is really great.

  4. Good use of negative space in the pic. I like how you are out of the frame. good job.

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